Family Counseling

1554475709Meet “Jack, Ellen, and daughter Eloise.”*

The dynamic at home had become dysfunctional, combative, and hostile.

While dad, Jack, was very close to his daughter, Eloise, the boundaries had become blurred, which stripped him of his ability to discipline her effectively.

The buddy-buddy relationship between Jack and Eloise undermined Mom’s authority, which meant she had no platform or authority to discipline her daughter effectively and feel respected in the home.

The problem was due to Eloise’s habit of complaining about her mom to her dad, and her dad regularly supported Eloise and agreed.

Eloise’s behavior was out of control.

Eloise met simple requests to pick up after herself and complete household chores with yelling and disrespectful behavior.

Screaming matches were the norm.

The consequences for this type of behavior were inconsistent. Elouise had figured out that by putting up a big fight, she would get her way.

1672963867Jack and Ellen sought counseling.

I counseled them on delineating specific consequences that would follow rude, insubordinate behavior from Eloise. The main point was to ensure that the consequences of inappropriate behavior were clear and consistent.

Jack and Ellen received counseling on presenting a united front so Eloise could no longer manipulate one against the other. This recommendation held for their interactions with Eloise and each other independent of Eloise.

Clarity of expectations, clearly defined consequences, and unity amongst the parents served to bring structure and organization to their life as a family. Eloise realized that what she got away with in the past would no longer fly.

While Eliose met their initial efforts with great resistance, the consistency and predictability displayed by Jack and Ellen helped things start to change.

Counseling clarified the parenting role of Jack and Ellen.

Family counseling helps parents and children communicate effectively and address conflicts within the home. Every family has problems, and it is essential to realize that everyone has a role in handling them. The result will be a cohesive family unit void of conflict.

Through counseling and learning new skills, Jack and Ellen realized that Eloise craved structure, discipline, and unity among her parents. When her parents consistently provided these components to their parenting style, things in the home improved significantly. The family could enjoy living together again, sharing happy moments, and creating heart-warming memories.

Counseling helped Jack, Ellen, and Eloise, and it can help you address the issues you face in your family.

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Let’s get your family back on track.

*Names and stories are composite narratives and do not reflect actual clients.