Personal Growth and Self-Esteem

1132921691We often become an afterthought – to ourselves.

“Love yourself,” “Feel good about who you are,” “Block out the haters.” Sound familiar?

It’s no surprise that we are constantly reminded to remember our worth. With the stressors of everyday life and “perfect” lives demonstrated on social media, our recognition of the positive qualities we embody can quickly take a back seat.

Unknowingly, we put ourselves last and forget to honor ourselves. In time, it catches up, and we can find ourselves with a broken self-concept that leads us to question ourselves in most areas of our lives.

Personal growth occurs when you start focusing on yourself.

We grow as people when we develop new thoughts and ideas. Our minds continually expand how we absorb and process information.

When you look at yourself in a new way, reflect on your thoughts and behaviors, and allow yourself to reassess past experiences and develop a plan to forge a new path, you grow as a person. Redefining how you live and think of yourself means you can begin enjoying life more and struggling less.

These decisions are evidence of growth! Personal growth can happen quickly, or it can develop slowly over time. What matters is that it is happening at whatever speed it takes. Being in tune with ourselves and diagnosing when and how we need to grow in an area of our lives is fundamental and what often brings people to therapy. This attunement is called self-awareness, a continually explored topic in therapy.

Maybe you are unsure how to grow or if it is even possible, and that is okay. What matters is that you have identified that something needs to change and are willing to explore solutions that lead to a happier, more peaceful existence.

2316064803Self-esteem involves trusting and relying on yourself.

How we think about ourselves heavily influences the thoughts we have, the emotions we experience, and the behaviors we demonstrate. Self-esteem is an area of our lives under our control and results from how we assess ourselves moment-to-moment.

It is hard to consider that we can improve our self-esteem by changing what we tell ourselves about ourselves. Getting caught in a loop where self-deprecation becomes the norm is easy.

There is a new way of being. It is possible to build yourself up from the inside out. When you acknowledge that you are overly critical of yourself, don’t give yourself enough credit, and minimize your successes, you begin to take steps to improve your self-esteem.

What follows is a raw and genuine appreciation for all that you bring to the table. You will begin to capitalize on your strengths. You will feel empowered as you move throughout your day and learn to trust and rely on yourself.

Therapy can help you grow personally and gain self-esteem.

If you feel less than and have lost the ability to see the good in yourself, don’t hesitate to contact me.

I offer a safe space where you can explore ways to redefine yourself, become self-aware, and grow as you explore ways to overcome struggles and live a life that puts you first.

Gaining self-esteem starts with changing those internal conflicts that foster self-criticism. We will work to change those inner voices as you become empowered and move forward with confidence in your abilities.

Let’s work on rebuilding how you see yourself so that you can experience personal growth and improve your self-esteem.