Online Counseling

When you’re too busy for self-care…

There are many reasons why driving to a therapist’s office is “too much.” Other responsibilities usually interfere.

Or we let other things take the place of the time we know we need to give ourselves.

Sasha* is a great example.

1996157711Being the best was essential to Sasha.

Sasha was a lawyer in her early 30s who lived alone. As a little girl, she had always been a high-achieving individual. From gymnastics to playing violin, it seemed like Sasha did everything well.

She was the eldest child who grew up in a middle-class family in the Midwest. After graduating high school, she gained a full scholarship to attend college. Once she graduated, she was accepted by a top-ten law school.

After graduating from law school, Sasha moved to North Carolina and worked as an in-house attorney at a large financial institution. The hours were brutal, and it was hard to keep up. Sasha began to sleep less and less over time and gave up hobbies that she enjoyed.

As the months passed, Sasha began to develop anxiety symptoms. Sasha was shaky in meetings, often felt her heart racing, and was irritable. To manage her symptoms, Sasha started self-medicating at home after work. She would drink countless glasses of red wine late into the night while pouring over work.

When she would eventually go to sleep, the quality was poor. Waking up in the morning became a daunting task. She was hungover and exhausted and didn’t know how to escape her destructive pattern.

Therapy didn’t seem to fit with Sasha’s lifestyle.

After missing deadlines at work, Sasha’s boss, who was observant and caring, gently suggested that Sasha should see a therapist. Given her busy schedule, seeing a therapist in person didn’t seem viable. Then, she learned about online counseling.

While meeting for an online 15-minute consult with me, Sasha felt heard, understood, and safe. After thinking about it for a week, she decided to proceed with therapy. Our online sessions fit Sasha’s schedule. She picked a time that worked for her and was able to meet in the space of her choosing. This arrangement was perfect because working online did not stress Sasha’s hectic life more.

Through therapy, Sasha learned how to manage the anxiety symptoms she developed. She recognized that she’d abandoned her hobbies and was self-isolating from friends. Daily drinking took a toll on her energy and mental clarity, so Sasha significantly decreased her alcohol intake.

Sasha also learned how to cope with the negative self-talk she fed herself and become more self-aware and mindful, helping her to improve her mood continuously.

1694685292Busy lifestyles require a different approach.

Online counseling changed Sasha’s life by accommodating her lifestyle while providing the guidance and help she needed to find balance. If you feel too busy to seek in-person therapy but know that you need assistance, online counseling offers a great way to work with a therapist without causing further stress.

While working with many clients, I have learned that online therapy provides the same benefits as in-person therapy. We meet on a confidential platform that is HIPPA-compliant and safe. I will send you an appointment reminder which contains the link to the session. Once you click the link, you will join the session.

All you need is a WiFi device that allows us to hear and see each other. Then, like Sasha, you pick the time and place, and we can begin our conversation.

Don’t let your busy lifestyle rob you of joy, sleep, and a balanced life. Online counseling worked for Sasha and can work for you, too.

Contact me for a consultation if you want to know more about the process.

*Name and story are composite narratives and do not reflect an actual client.